Pärnu Airport


The comeback of Pärnu Airport

The Pärnu air traffic area underwent a complete overhaul in 2021, and the renovation of the passenger terminal’s commercial premises in the same building will be completed in 2022. The construction of a new multi-purpose hangar also started in 2022, which will accommodate aircraft of different sizes and put Pärnu back on the aviation map. Two international connections to Helsinki and Stockholm, and the ability to provide infrastructure for companies such as air cargo or aircraft maintenance, give Pärnu Airport a new lease of life.

Pärnu is no longer just one of Estonia’s most beautiful holiday destinations, but can become a destination for promoting aviation-related business.

Length of Runway (RWY 03/21)
1970 m
Width of Runway
30 m
Airport Category
Fire Category
Kaugus Pärnu linnast
6 km

Pärnu as an emerging aviation city

Pärnu Airport grew in size instantly with the re-launch of two international flights to Helsinki and Stockholm. This way, holidaymakers can get to Pärnu quickly and comfortably, and vice versa. Now, the people of Pärnu can conveniently fly around the world via Helsinki or Stockholm and start their journey from the comfort of their home city.

Flight connections, as well as the infrastructure that is being built, will provide an opportunity to develop and promote aviation-related businesses at Pärnu Airport. We’re ready for this and the multifunctional hangar creates a whole new set of possibilities.