Tartu Airport


A versatile platform for different opportunities.

Tartu Airport offers diverse opportunities for the development of aviation-related businesses. Tartu Airport is looking to the future, because as the training base of the Aviation Academy and the most important air gateway in South Estonia, we dare to dream of international business and boosting it at Tartu Airport.

There are a number of different opportunities for business space development in Tartu. Existing commercial space for private clients to garage aircraft, as well as for various companies located in South Estonia that need proximity to the airport to promote their business.

Tartu kesklinn
14 min
Tallinna kesklinn
190 km
Helsinki lennujaam lennukiga
45 min
Helsinki lennujaam autoga
5 tundi

Tartu opens its doors

The commercial spaces at Tartu Airport are perfect for those who want to take their business to an international level without leaving their home country and even more, without leaving South Estonia. The existing infrastructure and the potential to develop aviation-related infrastructure provide opportunities for commercial space and new development on airport-owned land around the runway. What makes commercial spaces and their development potential special is the synergy between aviation and business, the unique location and the international prestige.

We consider it important to reduce our carbon footprint at all regional airports, and in Tartu we generate a significant part of the electricity we need in our own solar parks, and we hope to increase their capacity further in the future.