Ruhnu Airfield


Interesting opportunities at Ruhnu island

Ruhnu airfield is of strategic importance for ensuring transport links with the mainland during the autumn and winter months. The Ruhnu runway is undergoing a renovation, which will allow for better maintenance of the runway during the winter months and better year-round usability.

An 8-seater aircraft operates on the Pärnu-Ruhnu from 1 October to 30 April. At other times, Ruhnu Airport serves mainly private and charter flights. Small islands are waiting to be discovered.

Ruhnu is waiting for you

The properties in the immediate vicinity of Ruhnu Airport are suitable for a wide range of uses. It’s essential that any activities that may be carried out there are compatible with the island’s overall development plan and the natural environment.

We consider it important to reduce our carbon footprint at all regional airports, and in Ruhnu we generate a significant part of the electricity we need in our own solar parks, and we hope to increase their capacity further in the future.