A bridge connecting the business and industrial areas of the aviation city

Nordway, situated on the northern side of the runway, brings together the opportunities created for logistics and the aviation business. This is currently our most established district, with a strong infrastructure of businesses dedicated to aircraft services and more generally to businesses directly and indirectly related to aviation, but not only. Nordway has the advantage of an excellent location in close proximity to the city centre and the airport, as well as development opportunities that enhance the potential of the area.

We are planning two large-scale developments on the site. The development along Valukoja Street will focus on office and retail space, while the development along Kesk-Sõjamäe Street will focus on aviation-related commercial space, which we hope to start in the coming years.

Capacity of existing commercial space
55 557 m2
Number of hangars
Area of hangars
29 000 m2
Area of cargo terminals
12 000 m2
Construction volume of new developments
100 000 m2
Area of properties to be developed
32 000 m2

In Norway, you fly

Nordway is home to all our existing hangars and cargo terminals. The whole area is designed for companies whose everyday language always includes words such as aircraft maintenance, aircraft servicing, charter flights, private flights, air cargo, air freight, international freight and logistics.

The site includes hangars for aircraft servicing and garaging and commercial space for cargo handling. We’re also planning to build new commercial buildings on the land under development, with the main function of commercial, office and accommodation space.


Who is already on board?

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