Construction of new aircraft maintenance hangars to begin at Tallinn Airport

Airport City AS is set to launch construction of new aircraft maintenance and repair hangars covering 11,000 m² on the southern side of Tallinn Airport. A total of almost 14 million euros is being invested in the project. Lease agreements have already been entered into for two of the three hangars with the global aviation company Magnetic MRO AS.

“Demand for these sorts of facilities is growing,” said Teet Raudsep, the chairman of the management board of Airport City AS. “The aviation industry needs modern, efficient solutions, and this new project meets those needs entirely. This investment will support the development of the industry in Estonia by offering both local and international aviation companies new opportunities.”

Magnetic Group COO Jan Kotka says that with the industry fully recovering from the post-pandemic crisis in 2023, there are 30,000 commercial aircraft in operation worldwide for which maintenance capacity still falls short. “I’m delighted to share the much anticipated news about Magnetic MRO’s new hangars in Tallinn and to be able to say that we’ve leased out the hangar space even before construction has begun,” he said. “Not only does it show the level of trust our clients have in us, but also the level of demand for high-quality maintenance services. We should grow rapidly as a result, and be able to serve even more international clients who mightn’t otherwise find themselves in Tallinn, giving aviation and its reputation in the region a real boost.”

The construction contract for the hangars was entered into with NOBE. “This project is a really exciting challenge for us,” said management board member Priit Nigols. “Our team are itching to pour all of their know-how and resources into it to ensure a quick and smooth construction process and a quality end result. We’re sure that in working with Airport City we’ll prove more than capable of producing world-class facilities that meet all modern standards.”

Construction is earmarked to commence this autumn, for completion by the end of 2025. The new hangars will offer innovative solutions, being more energy-efficient than the hangars previously built at Tallinn Airport, and meet the highest international standards, thereby contributing to the development of both the airport and the Airport City business park.

Airport City is Tallinn Airport’s business park, which acts as a gateway to international business. It develops and manages all of the commercial space and new developments at the airport and in the vicinity of its runway, and in all of Estonia’s regional airports. Its main focus in the coming years will be developments on the southern and eastern sides of Tallinn Airport, which will create a modern environment while taking into account the needs of partners and their desire to be as close to the runway as possible. Development is based on the principles of sustainability and sustainable development, which are also important criteria in the selection of partners, considering their values and the actions they take to reduce their environmental impact.