A gateway to opportunities, high-flying ideas and cross-border deals

In the westernmost corner of the airport is a business park, which was christened the West Gate. In the coming years, more than 50 thousand square metres of multifunctional commercial space will be built in the area between Tartu Road and the airport.

At the heart of Westgate is the passenger terminal which, like the city of Tallinn, will never be finished but will evolve and grow as passenger numbers increase.

Capacity of existing commercial space
38 000 m2
Construction volume of new developments
147 000 m2
Area of properties to be developed
30 000 m2
Distance from city centre
5 km / 10 min
Distance from harbour
6 km / 12 min
Parking spaces
2 500

Enter the international playground.

The largest and busiest part of Westgate is the passenger terminal, which is home to retail, catering and other attractive commercial spaces. At Westgate, we are building a complex of hotels, offices, retail, catering and entertainment premises that will bring together both services aimed at ordinary consumers and office premises for global businesses.

Westgate and the passenger terminal are the gateway to Estonia and the business card that all visitors arriving and departing Estonia see and experience.

Who is already on board?

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