Airport City and Maru Ehitus sign contract for construction of cargo terminal

AS Airport City and Maru Ehitus AS have signed a contract for the design and construction of an innovative cargo terminal on the southern side of Tallinn Airport. The project aims to establish a modern logistics centre that meets exacting international standards and thereby promotes growth in the volume of goods handled at the airport.

Construction work is scheduled to commence in spring 2024 and is planned for completion in summer 2025. The cargo terminal will have a net area of 5250 m2, comprising 1450 m2 of office space and 3800 m2 of warehouse space. There will also be loading bays for 57 vehicles, and 123 parking spaces for employees of and visitors to the cargo terminal. “This is a notable milestone in the broader plans for Airport City, as the cargo terminal is the first project we’ll be working on as part of the diverse, long-term development of the business park,” explained Teet Raudsep, the chairman of the management board of Airport City.

Airport City will form a unique hub of business spaces and new developments for companies connected to the aviation industry for whom proximity to the airport and its runway are important. The strategic location of the business park close to Tallinn Airport will generate exceptional synergy between the field of aviation and various fields of business.

“What will make Airport City so special is its unique location so close to the runway at Tallinn Airport,” Raudsep added. “The construction of the cargo terminal is sure to boost our position on the international market.”

AS Airport City and Maru Ehitus AS will continue to work closely together throughout the project to ensure that it goes smoothly and produces a high-quality end result. The project is forecast to cost almost 8 million euros, which includes the construction of both the cargo terminal and world-class infrastructure.

Margo Dengo, the chairman of the management board of Maru Ehitus AS, says: “Our mission is to build the sort of tomorrow we ourselves want to live in. For us, that’s based in innovation and sustainability. It’s an honour for us to partner with Airport City in constructing this innovative cargo terminal, since they’re prepared to go the extra mile to achieve sustainability, having set their sights on a LEED Silver certificate for the building.”